The Carlin British driver, Emil Bernstorff, has been the fastest man on track during the last GP3 Series pre-season test day, today at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit.

The last GP3 Series pre-season testing day has been the most paceful despite being a hot day as for the high track temperature and the air temperature.

Trident spent the day in race simulation, while the rest of the teams were doing adaptation and training qualifying times.

Emil Bernstorff (Carlin) has been the fastest during the morning season, stopped once by a red flag, as Mason left his Hilmer Motorsport parked in the track.

In the afternoon, Mason stopped again the session, dominated by Dean Stoneman (Marussia Manor Racing). Patrich Niederhauser stopped his Arden International when there were only 9 minutes left in the session, restarted six minutes later. The cars left the box in order to take the last two laps before the beginning of the season.

After Emil Bernstorff, Pal Varhaug (Jenzer Motorsport), Alex Lynn (Carlin), Nick Yelloly (Status GP) and Patric Niederhauser (Arden International) complete the TOP 5 of the day.

GP3 Series 2014 season is starting in two weeks during the Spanish Grand Prix, in the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit.

Morning Results:

DriverTeamTimeGap (secs)Laps
1.Emil BernstorffCarlin1:34.494+0,00038
2.Pal VarhaugJenzer Motorsport1:34.699+0,20532
3.Alex LynnCarlin1:34.727+0,23338
4.Nick YellolyStatus Grand Prix1:34.754+0,26041
5.Patric NiederhauserArden International1:34.845+0,35139
6.Luis Sa SilvaCarlin1:34.897+0,40337
7.Alex FontanaART Grand Prix1:34.908+0,41440
8.Marvin KirchhoferART Grand Prix1:34.981+0,48738
9.Jimmy ErikssonKoiranen GP1:35.096+0,60220
10.Patrick KujalaMarussia Manor Racing1:35.114+0,62030
11.Dino ZamparelliART Grand Prix1:35.144+0,65038
12.Adderly FongJenzer Motorsport1:35.171+0,67740
13.Santiago UrrutiaKoiranen GP1:35.282+0,78840
14.Matheo TuscherJenzer Motorsport1:35.305+0,81128
15.Dean StonemanMarussia Manor Racing1:35.353+0,85928
16.Roman De BeerTrident1:35.398+0,90435
17.Jann MardenboroughArden International1:35.572+1,07837
18.Robert VisoiuArden International1:35.693+1,19943
19.Richie StanawayStatus Grand Prix1:35.839+1,34530
20.Alfonso Celis JrStatus Grand Prix1:36.165+1,67140
21.Ryan CullenMarussia Manor Racing1:36.312+1,81827
22.Nelson MasonHilmer Motorsport1:36.334+1,84031
23.Victor CarboneTrident1:36.620+2,12639
24.Ivan TaranovHilmer Motorsport1:37.211+2,71741
25.Denis NagulinTrident1:37.296+2,80229
26.Carmen JordaKoiranen GP1:39.117+4,62330

Afternoon results:

1.Dean StonemanMarussia Manor Racing1:36.31235
2.Pal VarhaugJenzer Motorsport0.0s33
3.Roman De BeerTrident0.4s30
4.Patrick KujalaMarussia Manor Racing0.6s29
5.Matheo TuscherJenzer Motorsport0.6s32
6.Alfonso Celis JrStatus Grand Prix0.7s30
7.Adderly FongJenzer Motorsport0.8s22
8.Victor CarboneTrident0.9s27
9.Nelson MasonHilmer Motorsport1.0s27
10.Richie StanawayStatus Grand Prix1.1s25
11.Robert VisoiuArden International1.2s22
12.Dino ZamparelliART Grand Prix1.2s36
13.Jann MardenboroughArden International1.3s37
14.Jimmy ErikssonKoiranen GP1.3s40
15.Alex FontanaART Grand Prix1.3s39
16.Marvin KirchhoferART Grand Prix1.4s41
17.Denis NagulinTrident1.4s41
18.Patric NiederhauserArden International1.4s30
19.Ryan CullenMarussia Manor Racing1.7s23
20.Alex LynnCarlin1.7s24
21.Santiago UrrutiaKoiranen GP1.8s21
22.Nick YellolyStatus Grand Prix1.8s23
23.Emil BernstorffCarlin1.924
24.Ivan TaranovHilmer Motorsport2.0s30
25.Luis Sa SilvaCarlin2.0s21
26.Carmen JordaKoiranen GP10.7s3