F1 has announced a contract extension to keep Belgian GP on the calendar for the 2023 season at least amid speculations of it getting dropped.

After French GP seemingly confirmed its departure from the 2023 calendar, Belgian GP is safe to remain on it after signing a new deal to extend its running for one more season amid strong speculation of it getting dropped from next year onward.

However, recent reports noted that the potential replacement i.e the South African GP at Kyalami, the talks with them did not succeed for the moment and so, retaining the Belgian GP seemed like the best option they could have hoped for.

Even though they have agreed for an extension, it is only for one season which leaves it in a vulnerable position to remain on the F1 calendar in future. The Spa-Francorchamps circuit has undergone massive revamp to suit the current times.

And the hope is that it can find a suitable financial agreement to remain on the F1 calendar for a longer period. If not regularly, there are reports where rotation system could be adopted, something the organisers of French GP hinted at.

“Formula 1 can confirm that the Belgian Grand Prix will be on the 2023 calendar following an agreement to extend our partnership together. Further details on the 2023 calendar will be announced in due course,” said a short statement from F1.