David Beckmann keeps jumping positions in the standings. In Spa, he made again a podium in the rookie championship for the fourth time in a row.

The driver of Mücke Motorsport supported by Red Bull -like Vettel in 2005-, quickly consolidated, after some initial missteps, in the points.

And again he qualified well for three races, this time in Spa, in the first race and finished seventh. Again, Beckmann has had a collision with his teammate, this time the fault was made  by Jensen, who had to retire from the race.

Thus, in the championship continues to climb but it will be difficult to be in prominent positions at the end of the championship since Beckmann came halfway championship because he had to wait to turn 16 years to compete in the category, which not only implied that he lost the first races while the other drivers were earning points, but that started its season with less mileage (fundamental for a driver so young) on track than the rivals.