Dorna Sport announced a contract extension for the Argentina MotoGP race which will see it take place at Termas de Rio Honda circuit until 2021 season.

The Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina has taken place in Santiago del Estero since the 2014 MotoGP season before which the premier class races were held in Buenos Aires for 10 years – with the first one taking place way back in 1961.

The extension announcement was made by Dorna in a special event attended by Governor of Santiago del Estero Gerardo Zamora and Dorna Director of Operations Carles Jorba along with OSD President Orly Terranova.

“We have announced the sixth consecutive Argentina Grand Prix at Termas de Rio Hondo and we’ve signed a contract extension for 2020 and 2021,” said Zamora. “Dorna Sports has invested in us once again.

“We’re proud because a lot of passionate people have worked to achieve this. Work on the public infrastructure alongside private investment. And we’re happy because, at each race weekend, the amount of fans has increased, having a positive and specific impact on sport in the Termas de Rio Hondo economy and, more indirectly, in the region.

“Those who haven’t yet been able to make it to a Grand Prix in Argentina now have the chance to do so over the next three years to see the spectacular scope of a MotoGP event,” he summed up.

Dorna’s Jorba added: “For the first time there has been continuity, because we’ve all worked on this a lot since 2014 when it began. This extension allows us to continue the work that has been done so far and to do that enthusiastically given the incredible importance of the Latin American market for MotoGP.

“The riders, the teams and partners feel that Termas de Rio Hondo is now well established, they like the track and the improvements made have been continuous and always positive.” The 2019 event will take place during March 29-31 weekend.