First of all, Andre Lotterer’s yesterday race was intense. Most of the time he involved in fights, and battling with Lucas di Grassi. During the second half of the race after a stop on boxes and a car switch he had to fight. The Brazilian and the German driver in several moments put the regulation to the limit, but that was not the move which Lotterer and Techeetah were worry about.

Techeetah ran out of battery in his electric single-seater but the driver did not move away enough to Sam Bird pass, so he crashed into Lotterer back zone that caused damage in his right front wheel. Techeetah passed from having no battery left to being also without part of his back wing. Fortunately to the British, he could finish the race in third position.

The punishment is because of the move that he had with Sam Bird, which is because the German driver will get a penalty of 10 positions at the next race that will be in Berlin. He would have to gain positions: “It is not an ideal situation obviously and it is not pleasant having a crash but this is Formula E”, said Lotterer to Motorsport.

Lucas di Grassi, as usual, had no doubts about coming after the Techeetah driver, questioning his driving skills in the streets of Paris: “ That was the first time that he touched my car but he almost did two or three times before at the straights, this is not a good behavior. He ran out of battery just before the 10 turn which I have planned to overtake him, but he also tried to block me even without having energy which makes no sense and he could ended my race there”

Lotterer answers those accusations from the current champion of the electric championship: “I don’t know about what he is complaining. He also drove over me a couple of times at the race. I don’t care about what he says”. The cold war is here because they will not give up . The fight we will continue in Berlin a Lotterer’s home?