Despite having a top 10 pace, the Danish kart star driver, Sebastian Øgaard was unable to get into the final of FIA Karting World Championship that took place at Alahärmä, Finland, due to a crash caused by another driver during the qualifying heats.

After the race preparation a few weeks ago the most important race of karting world, the FIA Karting World Championship of OK class started on 6th of September with the qualifying practice where Sebastian Øgaard managed to finish in 28th place.

With 90 drivers on track, the Danish driver had a total of 5 qualifying heat races to qualify for Sunday’s final race. But just at the start of the first qualifying heat, another driver crashed into the Ejsrupholm driver causing the retirement of his running in the qualifying heat.

The day went better as Sebastian Øgaard was able to finish in the top 10 in both qualifying heats that contested in a dry tarmac while he fought well with no mistakes during the heats that had to compete in a very wet track.

But on Sunday everything was about to know if the results were enough for “Sebbe” to get into the final. An eight place in the last qualifying heat was a good result but unfortunately, the Ward Racing driver finished just in 35th place, the first one to not get an access to the final that was more than probable, but was unable to be realized due to the accident he suffered in the first heat which was a several points penalty for the Danish driver.

The next race for Sebastian Øgaard will be the season finale of German National Championship (DKM) at Ampfing (München).