The ambassadorial deal between Fernando Alonso and McLaren has ended with nothing set in stone for 2020 F1 season.

When asked Zak Brown about the future of Alonso with McLaren, the American noted about discussions in the winter, whether they can reach to an agreement. He though made it clear that there won’t be any seats available in F1.

Brown very much wants to keep Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris at the forefront, after the success in 2019, where McLaren finished fourth in the constructors’ championship. Even though Alonso wishes to return to compete in F1, it looked bleak.

At the same time, the chance in IndyCar was also discussed with regards to Indy500 but it seems like – and as per reports – Alonso is looking at different outfits rather than Arrow McLaren, which has Patricio O’Ward and Oliver Askew at the present.

The biggest hint is the non-renewal of the ambassador contract which McLaren confirmed to, when asked. The deal ended with the end of 2019 and there is nothing set in stone for 2020, which more or less clears that both have parted ways.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise but if there is no further deal, it means the end of the two-time F1 champion’s second stint with McLaren, which started back in 2015 with the Honda deal. They had some rough years together, especially in terms of results.

However, it ended with a closure and on a better note. It remains to be seen what Alonso does next after he successfully completed his first Dakar Rally in 13th overall and as the best rookie with Toyota Gazoo Racing, with Marc Coma as his co-driver.

His idea of achieving Triple Crown still remains a top priority and the 2020 Indy500 will surely be on his mind. What he does outside that, will be interesting, whether he gets back into F1 and or returns to WEC in the Hypercar category as said before.

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