Champions Fernando Alonso and Jimmie Johnson successfully undertook F1 and NASCAR car swap at Bahrain International Circuit.

Hours after his last race in F1 – for now – Alonso was back in action in another of a Middle Eastern circuit in Bahrain for a promotional event involving a swap between F1 and NASCAR with Johnson being the other racer.

Johnson got his #48 Team Hendrick Chevrolet with Alonso bringing down the 2013 McLaren MP4-28 which was powered by a Mercedes V8 engine. The Spaniard ran first to set a benchmark time for Johnson to get on par or beat.

The American did come close to beat Alonso’s time while the Spaniard put in a consistent run in Johnson’s NASCAR as well. The two also had a run together on the track with special donuts ending the day’s proceedings.

Both McLaren and Team Hendrick updated about the event on social media with the drivers doing their part as well. More video and written content as well are to be made available at a later stage by the respective teams.

While Alonso had his NASCAR run, it remains to be seen if at all he competes at all in a NASCAR event in the future. Interestingly, he ran the Chevrolet-powered car which gives some indication regarding a possible Indy500 opportunity with that engine.