Fernando Alonso says Aston Martin knows about its weaknesses on tracks like Monza which he hopes they can fix it for next season.

After a good start to their campaign in F1 2023, Aston Martin dipped in performance as others around them pushed up. They had a podium finally in Zandvoort but struggled again in Monza which was mostly down to the type of circuit where drag level is key.

Despite the skinny rear wings, Aston Martin did not have the pace against any of their immediate rivals. It is something Alonso says the team knows and hopes that they can fix it for the car to perform better at Monza and similar type of circuit next year.

“I think the car and the efficiency of the car maybe is not as good as it should be in this type of tracks that the drag level is very important and yeah, it seems that has been our weakness,” said Alonso. “We know that. Now we need to get better, and bring some ideas.

“There are obviously many, many lessons we need to take from Monza. We were not competitive so that’s the main focus for us, try to understand in this type of circuits what we need to do different into the future, also next year when we come here,” summed up Alonso, who reckons Singapore will be better for them.

But considering the performances of other cars at street circuit this year, he knows the competition will be still stiff. “It will be better than Monza, for sure, in Singapore, if we are one of the contenders for win/podium, I’m not sure, I think every weekend seems to change a little bit the order.

“The last two street circuits, [like it was in] Monaco, Alpine was very strong with Esteban with P3 in qualifying and the race and in Baku it was Ferrari dominating with Leclerc on pole position, so let’s see in Singapore,” summed up Alonso.

Here’s Fernando Alonso on his frustrations in Monza