Jaime Alguersuari is reflecting on how Sebastien Buemi has won accolades after being told he could not win when he was ousted from F1 by Red Bull.

Even though Buemi remains as the test driver for Red Bull, it cannot be forgotten that he and Alguersuari were dropped by the stable post the 2011 season without a promotion to the senior team, with the reason that they couldn’t win.

They were replaced by Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne at Toro Rosso, while Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber continued in Red Bull for the following season. Since the departure, while Alguersuari left racing, Buemi has continued on in different formats.

In fact, Buemi has secured WEC title wins along with one in Formula E since his F1 switch which includes victory in Le Mans 24 Hours race. This is what Alguersuari is reflecting upon that the Swiss racer has shown that he can deliver and secure victories.

He is not counting himself in the list but more highlighting the achievements of his former teammate. “Just having breakfast and realized something, 11 years ago we were told we were being replaced because we we are not winners,” wrote Alguersuari. “Lets please forget about me for a second.

“But just while I am having my coffee I found out Sebastien Buemi – my former teammate in F1 – keeps on adding wins and trophies to his back. I forgot how many world titles he has already to his back and I m not just happy and proud of him but as time goes by I realized how many race wins and maybe world titles he would have won at Red Bull Racing F1.

“Again please don’t judge me, this is only my personal view of my team mate Sebastien Buemi based on statistics and facts. I do not want to intend what my performance would have been…however it was also written! Ciao!” summed up Alguersuari.

Just looking at the statistics, Buemi has won three WEC titles with Toyota in LMP1/Hypercar class, while has won for Le Mans 24 Hours races and one Formula E drivers’ title. Outside this top finishes, he has finished in the Top 3 for four times in WEC, three times in Le Mans 24 Hours race and three times in Formula E.

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