Alexander Albon will be working for all four drivers in 2021 in F1, as he states he is up for the dual challenge with a drive in DTM.

As a reserve driver, Albon will not just limit himself for Red Bull, but the Thai racer will be available for work with AlphaTauri as well. He already had the chance to drive the RB15 at Silverstone and he will also get the chance to drive during the tyre testing too.

Also, with COVID-19 still around, Albon will be in a good space to not only replace the Red Bull drivers, but also the AlphaTauri duo. It remains to be seen, though, if he does so outside the programme, considering the latest experience he has of driving these cars.

“This year we’re obviously trying to address some difficulties with last year’s car, and then coming through to this year,” said Albon to selected media. “It’s doing a lot of simulator support and being there for all four drivers really, included with AlphaTauri, making sure if there’s any situation where I’m needed. I’m there for the team.

“That’s what I’m there for. My goal of course is to be back in a seat next year, and just be ready for this year as well. You never know what’s going to happen in terms of fitness or with COVID around. This winter has been kind of making sure that I’m as ready as I can be, being as fit as I can, doing all the simulator stuff.

“And, yes, even hopefully we get a few days where I can drive, and do some tyre tests and things like that,” summed up Albon. As known, he will devote his full time on the F1 project and undertake the DTM driving whenever free, with Nick Cassidy to fill in for him.

He is to drive the AF Corse’s Ferrari GT3 machine, which he hasn’t driven so far. He feels, it will be a new challenge and something which is good for him to push Red Bull for a possible F1 return in the future. “I’ve driven two laps in a GT3 car,” said Albon. “So it’s going to be different. I haven’t done any testing yet. So, it will be a new challenge, a new experience.

“But it shouldn’t be too difficult. Actually I think when you drive formulas so different from each other, your brain can almost separate them. It’s a little bit like if you go karting and do f1at the same time. It is not that difficult to change. It will be interesting. Even learning about GT3 and the whole driving style and everything so different to what we are used to with so much less downforce.

“I’m excited to get going. I’ll do to the best of my ability. But Red Bull knows what I am capable of. The team would have gotten rid of me let’s be truthful if they didn’t believe in me. On my side I know they still trust me, they still have faith in what I can do. And we just have to see how things work out during this year,” summed up Albon.

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