Alexander Albon felt the slow run in Sector 2 made the F1 Belgian GP difficult for him which dropped him outside the Top 10.

It was a strong start from Williams’ Albon in F1 Belgian GP where he fought for points places until the switch to medium tyres which derailed his race. They stopped and switched to soft compound again but he had much to do from that place to be back in points.

Albon lost pace in Sector 2 as he had to drive slow in that zone which cost him performance and positions. “Only because I felt like the first part of the stint went so well that I thought the rest of the race was looking good – but it wasn’t to be,” he said.

“I just really struggled on the mediums, just degging, huge. We do have great straight-line speed, and that was fun, the racing was fun, I actually enjoyed the racing, but we were so slow in Sector 2 and sliding around so much, so it was a tricky one out there.

“In some respects, I had to drive slowly in Sector 2 to save my tyres, but then I was getting overtaken in Sector 2, so then I was having to push in Sector 2, which was then degrading my tyres even more, and it was just like a downward spiral.

“It is what it is, I had some fun out there, not the result we wanted, but we’ll focus on… Actually, we won’t focus, we’ll take a nice summer break and then refocus. We do need to review a little bit this weekend because it should have been a stronger weekend for us than it turned out to be,” summed up Albon, who reckons they have to work on downforce.

“This kind of downforce, what we’re doing here, is going to be similar to Monza,” he said. “We’re not going to have many other tracks now that are going to suit us coming into the end of the year, so we need to make sure that we kind of look at this weekend and then try to learn for Monza and maybe for Suzuka as well.”