After a long night, one of the championship contenders, Mick Schumacher (Prema Powerteam) was disqualified due to technical disagreement. The German so, had to participate this morning in the qualifying race.

Qualifying race is an elimination race where people from P21 to P38 participate for the final positions of the grid and to get an access to drive the whole weekend, because on track there can only be 35 drivers.

In 17 minutes race, apart from Schumacher, there was another important people such that Juan Manuel Correa (Prema Powerteam) or Nicklas Nielsen (Neuhauser Racing).

Under wet conditions, Diego Ciantini (Jenzer Motorsport) took the lead of the race ahead of Toni Wolf (KUG-Motorsport) and the rookie Yannik Brandt (Lechner Racing) who received a drive-through penalty due to jump start; Ricardo Feller (ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) and Carrie Schreiner (US Racing) had to do the same.

Meanwhile, Mick Schumacher who started from P15 was already on fourth place with ten minutes remaining, when the safety car came out.

When the green flag returned, Schumacher took the lead and the final first position.

Results Qualifying Race: (Top15 –advance to the 3 races of the weekend)

1 Schumacher 2 Wolf 3 Correa 4 Waldherr 5 Ciantini 6 Nielsen 7 Brezina 8 Halder 9 Bianchi 10 Schreiner 11 Love 12 Gachot 13 Hanses 14 Brandt 15 Feller