Aaron Jeansonne born in Louisiana United States, he will participate in the 2017 Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series Championship.

Aaron is an 18 year old racing driver working as a mechanic for a Military Aircraft company named Northrop Grumann in the US to solve his economic needs to manage his passion: Motor Racing cars.  

Since he lack of sponsorships and supporters for racing the Young guy is making a lot of efforts to participate in a single sitter cars championship similar to a Formula Ford Series used in Europe.

The Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series count with 14 rounds in 7 different tracks within the US. The first round will take place this coming weekend at Palm Beach International Raceway and will end by September at the NOLA Motorsports Park Circuit of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Today we interview Aaron to get a personal testimony of what he needs to get his goals done and looking forward of  his participation within the motorsports.

Omar/Ana Maria: Aaron please let us know what are you doing right now in motorsports and what are your plans for this year (2017)?

Aaron: “I’m planning to participate within the US Lucas Oil Championship . I finished my participation at the 3 day Skip Barber Racing Drivers School program and I’m very excited with the opportunity to race in this particular championship”.

Omar / Ana Maria : Have you ever try a different racing category or karting before what you are doing right now?

Aaron: “Yes, I did karting the same way we know what is an international karting category today around my home town supported by my family. My father bought me my first kart when I was 15 years old. After that, I had the opportunity to apply for a 3 day course with Skip Barber Series and finally I participate in a couple of races last year”.

Omar / Ana Maria: We all know that the majority of the drivers that race in similar categories that the one that you are involved, use to migrate or use to go to enroll themselves in European categories on their way to Formula One. What are your plans? Have you ever think about Formula One? Do you wish to follow the same steps of who is right now racing at Formula One?

Aaron: “Well Formula One is always a dream but I have to be realistic. I have to focus on different categories and probably I can aspire to race in Indy Cart in the United States in a near future.  

Omar / Ana Maria: You know that Motorsports is a very expensive sport and you always need sponsors and supporters to have a successful season. Who are your sponsors? Who is supporting you at this time to reach your goals?

Aaron: “At this time I don’t have any sponsors. I work as a mechanic fixing military airplanes and I do all what I can to race and hopefully the sponsors will come soon in order to be more successful”.

Omar / Ana Maria: Aaron, please le tus know if you have a particular preference or any favorite Formula One Driver, Do you have an idol? Do you follow Formula One or any other category?

Aaron: “In Formula One I follow Lewis Hamilton. I also follow Indy Cart and NASCAR Series”.

Omar / Ana Maria: Since you are talking about NASCAR Series, please tell us what is the difference between a single sitter and a NASCAR Series car?

Aaron: “Well I think NASCAR and Formula One has some things in common although sounds crazy. Both categories includes powerful teams. From my point of view Indy Cart is different. In F1 there is always Lewis Hamilton or the same driver winning all races and in Indy Cart it doesn’t happens the same way. Now talking about IMSA Series we are talking about a completely different category where competitors are many Constructors and they are special endurance races”.

Omar / Ana Maria: If I can offer you a Racing School Course like Skip Barber Racing Drivers School or a participation in a Ferrari Academy season in Europe, what would be your decision? What do you prefer?

Aaron: “Well, Skip Barber is a good and a mandatory option for me right now but it will be very interesting to have an opportunity in the Ferrari Academy”.

Omar / Ana Maria: Aaron, do you want to add something to this conversation? Do you want to tell our followers something else?

Aaron: “Well, I hope I can get all necessary to win the Lucas Oil Championship this year and then we will take it from there and wait to see what would be the next step”.

Omar / Ana Maria: In how many races are you going to participate this year?

Aaron: “In 14 races within 7 different tracks around the US territory”.

Omar / Ana Maria: When are you going to start?

Aaron: “April 1st. And 2nd. At Palm Beach Florida”.

Omar / Ana Maria: Good Luck Aaron, thank you.

At the end we talk a bit with Rosa his PR Manager who spoke in more detail about the Lucas Oil Series cars specifications. She said they are a new version of the Skip Barber cars and this units count with a new Telemetry systems which is a more sophisticated cars than others. She also noted that the tires used over there are an intermediate compound and are no slicks.

This is a very interesting story of what all Young drivers have to pass within the minor categories of international motorsports on the way to Formula One.

Aaron Jeansonne also is on social networking, please like him on https://www.facebook.com/aaronjracing/ and follow him on Twitter @aaronjracing and Instagram @aaronjracing

By: Ana María Mercado @AnaMariaMercad & Omar Álvarez / @omarketingf1