Ducati’s Jorge Lorenzo was ‘scared’ following a major crash during the FP2 session of the Thai MotoGP race which could sideline him from the rest of the weekend.

After his heavy crash in the Aragon Grand Prix, Lorenzo was taking it cautiously in the Thai Grand Prix’s practice session as he rode through pain on his foot. He ran through the FP1 programme in 17th and was running fine in FP2.

The session had interruptions due to several crashes – it seemed there was fluid on the circuit due to the resultant crash. However, the track conditions was ruled out of Lorenzo’s conditions with the rider and team confirming of a mechanical issue.

It was another high-side moment for the five-time world champion in Turn 3 as he landed heavily on the run-off. His bike was also in tatters. The Spaniard was taken to the medical center and later to the hospital for precautionary checks.

It was revealed that he suffered contusions to the wrist and right ankle but there was no fractures. He complained of larger pain on his already injured foot though when speaking to the media. He said he was scared and feared the crash would further damage his foot.

“[It] was scary, I was scared,” he said after returning from the hospital. “I was scared about my foot, because it really hurts. I impact [the ground] with the back and also with the feet. And I was rolling a lot.

“So, the right foot was painful, later little by little I understood that didn’t get worse than before. So I am lucky about that. Looking at the crash obviously, I could be [in] much worse [condition].

“I could have a larger injury. I could have injured my foot even more. I know 100 percent that nothing is broken, so that’s a very good signal. I have been very lucky for that because the crash has been nasty.

“I am at this moment quiet because I know that it was not my fault. It was a little bit worry to have the fall because I was thinking about my injury with the new crash but it was completely not my fault.

“It was a technical problem of the bike and this caused the crash.” The team stressed it was a technical problem which caused the fall but resisted to talk more on the topic. When asked if the bike will be ok, they were confident that the issue will no re-occur.

As for Lorenzo, he is not certain if he could compete in the rest of the weekend as the pain is much to even stand properly without any support. In the current moment, he said he wouldn’t be competing but he wants to wait until Saturday morning to decide.

“If you ask me now, I would say no,” he said. “Because the last fracture, the last injury [from Aragon], is a little bit worse, is not more broken but is more painful. But apart from this I have my left wrist, a big contusion.

“Also the right ankle, big contusion, I cannot put the foot on the ground. So if you ask me now, I will say no. But I don’t want to say something too quickly, so I will wait tonight, to see how I feel tomorrow morning.

“I could be more lucky, for sure. But also I could be more unlucky. So we’re going to try to be positive. Maybe it’s a small possibility that tomorrow I can try to ride again. If not, for sure I will try in Japan.

“In Japan I think I will be much better than I was yesterday coming here.” Lorenzo ruled out any combination of the track conditions and the tyres as well stating that Michelin brought hard tyres knowing about the hot conditions.

UPDATE: Following the checks in the morning, it was decided by Ducati and Lorenzo together that the Spaniard will not compete in the rest of the weekend due to a hairline fracture in left wrist. The aim is now for Lorenzo to return at Motegi.