Formula 1 director, Ross Brawn, it’s always working flat out. The former Ferrari and Mercedes boss has proposed something like a circuit league where, the main objective, will be always to encourage the continuos development on the tracks around the world on their goal to have a Grand Prix.

The addition wants to encourage all those circuits which are updated and at the same time they supose a challenge for the elit of motorsports, tracks that are a challenge for drivers and they have a good economy. Thsi circuits will fight on the global league but also there will be some reserve tracks.

“First of all there is the race quality, there is no value on only increasing the number os races, but if we could offer more races on amazing places around the world, then we could consider it”, told Brawn about his idea. “I would love t osee in the future a race list, where you will have world class circuits waiting to enter and promoters waiting their oportunity to join F1. If any race is not working properly, you can change it for a stronger one.”