The team of the energy drink advance its main rivals for the fight for the championship and will present its new car on February 19.

The RB14 already has a launching date. The new Red Bull car will be presented next February 19, that is, next Monday. It is the second team with an earlier date of presentation, only surpassed by Williams, who presents it on February 15.

So, with the new date of Red Bull’s launch, only missing to know the launch day of the team Haas. Red Bull is ahead of Ferrari and Mercedes that have marked their presentation on February 22. They also present their car before one team that can become direct competition of Milton Keynes team, Mclaren-Renault, that will see the light on February 23.

With the tests just around the corner, Red Bull has to be competitive from the first day. It takes more importance, if we see that Ricciardo has not renewed, and probably his decision will be affected to good performance of his RB14.

Helmut Marko, has come to the step, and has affirmed that the problems that the team of the energy drink had during the first part of the season in 2017 will not be repeated: “Last year we had technical problems at the beginning of season, but now everything goes according to plan, I am sure that we will be competitive from the first test”, said the Austrian.

The team leader, Christian Horner, valued the presentation date of the car: “We are focusing on an earlier filing date, of about five days, but the design is so tight and production times too, that those five days are very valuable in terms of getting off to a good start”, said Horner.

The presentation, which has been announced with a simple Twitter GIF, will be done online.