Mercedes keep on his preparation of what they think that will be a hard season. For obvius reasons of performance in 2017, they fear the potential from Ferrari and Red Bull, but they also fear what can McLaren and Renault do. The Brackley based team prefer to be humble and they don’t discard both former world champions on the title race.

“This is the pinnacle of motor racing you need to respect every team and the top drivers”, explains Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss. “We are taking Ferrari, we are taking Red Bull, we are taking McLaren, we are taking Renault seriously. These guys can fight for a championship and some others might be surprising us. I want to remain humble and expect competition from all of these teams and if we are able to align the dots like we have done in the last year then we will be winning races and then we will be fighting for championships and if we don’t then we haven’t been good enough.”

Wolff remembers what Ferrari di don las Winter season very well: “How the car performed on track was exceptional and the step they made over the winter was probably the biggest step of all the teams. I am happy that we kept it together. We have a record of 11 race victories versus the five of Ferrari and the stopwatch never lies. Having said that we need to stay both feet on the ground. Ferrari could have won more races. We’re taking them very seriously as a real contender [for 2018] like we do with the other teams.”