Honda’s Marc Marquez made his 100th MotoGP start in the Czech GP at Brno. Out of all the races and seasons, Marquez reckons 2015 was not the best for him.

The Spaniard finished third in 2015 as Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo took the title from teammate Valentino Rossi. In fact, 2015 was the only season when Marquez didn’t win the MotoGP championship between 2013 and 2017.

Having had his 100th MotoGP start at Brno, when asked about his biggest mistake in his career so far, Marquez admitted that he made a lot of them in the first part of the 2015 season – when he had a total of six crashes in all season.

In fact in all his career, the 2015 season was the worst in terms of crashes for the Spaniard. “I’ve crashed many times,” he started with a smile. “Maybe the biggest mistake was the first part of the season 2015, especially around Mugello and Montmelo races.

“I crashed two times in a row and there I lost all the possibilities for the championship. It was a mistake because everybody was telling me to be careful and that points are important, etc.

“But I came into the season after wining two titles in a row and so I was ‘all in’ every race – victory or crash. That year I won many times [five], but I made many mistakes [as well]. So, I learnt many things.

“Sometimes it is important to listen to the people around you, but I had a strong mentality. [For me] I learnt when ‘I hit the wall’ and then I started to change [my] strategy,” the four-time MotoGP champion explained.

Indeed the six crashes proved costly as neither of his rivals made that many mistakes. While Lorenzo did crash in one race at San Marino, runner-up Rossi crashed in none as Lorenzo won with a healthy margin of 88 points.